A. Banded clean pulls; 5x3; rest 3 min

B. Power snatch clusters; rest 15 sec/rest 3 min (same
load as last week)
(Did not do)
deadlift 225#
Front squat 225# (from floor)

A) Dropped into a smaller gym today, they did not have any way to do banded clean pulls so I just did regular clean pulls. They all felt very strong. Touch and go for all of the reps.

B) Did not have enough time to complete this.Β 

C) Had to rush the warm up for this entire day due to being out of town. Did not set a plan going into the Wod just hit it. Front squat felt a bit heavy because I really didn’t warm up. Pissed I had a shitty workout.Β Going to make sure I let you know in advance that I’m going out of town so that I don’t mess up or miss a great workout. On to the next week

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